Impact Management Services

SIAP Impact Management Service (IMS) is created to help
enterprises in measuring, managing, and maximising
their positive change with the resources available.

Impact Management Program


As practitioners, we share the best practices and give direction to increase efficiency and effectiveness in measuring impact. We offer 2-day sessions or intensive 5-day sessions.

Participant will have fundamental knowledge on how to define the outcome and measure impact. On Intensive sessions participant will have a well-defined outcome, the know-how to aggregate data, and the strategy to integrate impact management.

Impact Management Report & Advisory


SIAP provides assistance for enterprises in creating a social impact measurement and producing impact report.

We will facilitate the necessary discussions and documentation for your organisation to select meaningful and practical metrics, collect reliable and credible data.
We also explore methods for communicating your organisation's impact story effectively.

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Moon Leoma

Impact Management Director

Moon is responsible for developing strategies and managing SIAP impact. 5+ years of experience in initiating, managing, and delivering sustained impacts and effective change for startups and social enterprises. She’s dept in managing and measuring social impact. Proficient in content, social media, and inbound marketing strategies.


Febe Haryanto

Impact Engineer

Febe graduated from UNSW Business School with specializations in Sustainability, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Febe has a combined 5+ years of experience in social enterprise, for-profit and nonprofit sectors where she accumulated sufficient experiences in stakeholder relationship management and business development.

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