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With our experienced team, SIAP provides thorough needs assessment prior to design thinking, training, workshop or specialized incubation program. We also provide services to help build and brainstorm ideas for corporates, NGOs, or governments and implement your proposed programs into reality.

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SIAP For DESA ( Development of Ecotourism and Sustainable Agriculture): Humbang Hasundutan Project

DESA is a program from SIAP to support the development od ecotourism and sustainable agriculture that can accelerate the growth of economy in villages in Indonesia.

In collaboration with Coordinating Ministry of Maritime and Investment and Bank Mandiri, the project was implemented in 3 villages in Humbang Hasundutan Regent, Sinambela Village, Simamora Village, and Tipang Village.

Output: 3 village potential mapped and 1 village incubated

Desa Tipang
Desa Tipang is a tourist village on Lake Toba's Side that have various sceneries from lakeside, hill top, to 7 tier waterfall.
Desa Simamora
Desa Simamora is a tourist village on Lake Toba's Side with rich cultural heritage and extreme sport in the river that downstream to Lake Toba.
Desa Sinambela
Desa Sinambela is a hidden village on Lake Toba's Side and Bakkara Valley that serves agrotourism.

GOPAY NGO Training

GOPAY NGO Training is a 1-day idea sprint and mentoring for exclusively Gopay for Good's NGO members. The training objectives topic was "How to evolve your Non-profit Foundation to become more Sustainable?". This is as part of Gopay initiatives to bring more values to NGO who have been members.

Output: 12 NGO trained

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