Social Innovation Acceleration Program (SIAP) is a knowledge acceleration program for aspiring and early stage social entrepreneurs.

SIAP focuses on entrepreneurs with ideas and solution to create positive impact and drive change through business, and assists them to further grow their product. In the process, we provide entrepreneurs with mentorship, personal, team and business development, knowledge resources, as well as impact assessment methodology and community support.

Program 1 : Development Bootcamp

Our Development Bootcamp will introduce you to the basic knowledge of social enterprise. Suitable for founder with idea or prototype that want to develop their prototype and go to market faster.

The bootcamp consist of 12 real-case workshops on the weekend. Immersing social entrepreneur to the basic of social business covering topic such as Change Theory, Market Analysis, Product Development, Business Model Innovation, to Go to Market Strategy.

Upcoming batch : March - May 2019

SIAP Online Class

If you feel coming to events or learning from the internet is not enough, join us to get in-depth mentoring to answer all of your confusion. Each of selected founders will get the chance ask about the idea, concern, or even potential network of collaborators to help build their socal enterprise.

Upcoming event : 18 December 2018

Advancement Stage

Advancement program is a private acceleration module for product stage social entrepreneur, where we will help as a cofounding partner in product development, network enhancement, and impact measurement area.

Upcoming event : January - March 2019

What will you get by joining our program?

Sustainable Solution

We help you to build your product and make a real sustainable social enterprise

Network to Community

We will introduce you to social entrepreneur community to get new opportunity

Support System Family

We will bring you in to our SIAP Alumni family where you can learn and support each other

Want to join our program?

Our upcoming program will be SIAP Development Bootcamp. Apply now!

Some impact from our alumni

MataIlmu has help 1500+ teachers to get a better living and improve their teaching standard.
SaveYourSelves has help 2000+ people suffering from depression to find new hope in their life.
SejutaMentor provide affordable access for education with 3500 mentor & 7000+ online courses
BacaPibo support kids early education development with digital pictured book library

Our mentor networks

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