SIAP SCALE is a 4-week founder-focus experimental lab that brings the social impact ecosystem together, designed to accelerate and scale ventures that pioneer social, economic and environmental impact. Apply now to be considered for our first cohort!



SIAP SCALE helps passionate social changemakers to find their tribe through setting up Lab and Ecosystem for their business to scale.

Hands-on Tailored Support and Guidance

Tailored and founder-focus guidance to solve social changemakers’ real-case ventures challenges

Get Connected to Potential Partner for Scale

Pitch product or service partnership needs to scale and get introduced to potential partner for collaboration

Tailored Assistance on Impact Management

Masterclass and tailored assistance to setup impact strategy in managing and measuring generated impact

Find Your Tribe & Be A Part of Social Impact Ecosystem

Get tied-up with local ecosystem player through a series of facilitated business meeting & networking session

Fostering Tribe of Problem Solvers
Growing Sustainable Social Innovation
SIAP SCALE is made for Social Changemakers

Generate Ready-to-Scale

SIAP SCALE is a 4-week programme with two main milestones; source and scale. It proceeds through four (4) stages:

Pre-stage: Changemakers Sourcing 🗓 1 March - 1 April
Who are we looking for?🎯

Locally-owned revenue-generating and impact-creating ventures that have been established for at least 1 (one year) with at least 1 (one) full-time founder which will be evaluated based on these criteria:

  • Product: Validated product/service with minimum 1 (one) year establishment
  • Customer: Have significant traction based on industry/sector complexities.
  • Finance: Already generate revenues, are able to reach monthly break-even point within a foreseeable time frame, and are open for fundraising.
  • Impact: Have intended (or at least potential) social impact and target beneficiaries.

Stage-1: Product & Partnership Showcase 🗓 FRIDAY, 8 April  
Connecting & Collaborating Changemakers from Different Cities👥

Our Changemakers will have a One Full Day product showcase where they get to meet with City Connectors with prominent knowledge & have various connections in different sectors to scale.

SIAP SCALE provides a Product Showcase Handbook that will be given to City Connectors. Consisting of Changemaker’ profile and venture, the Product Showcase Handbook will help interested partners/collaborators to give their participation to each venture.

Stage-2: Hands-On Business Guidance 🗓 11-30 April     
Assisting Changemakers to Solve Real Case Business Problem🏆

Our Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) with acute end-to-end business expertise will onboard to help Changemakers to sharpen their business execution based on their proposed needs and assist them in solving their business’s challenges.

Through 3 times 1-on-1 mentoring, EiR will navigate strategies to solve Changemakers pressing business challenges while facilitating the peer-learning process.

Stage-3: Impact Management Masterclass 🗓 16 May-3 June  
Optimising the Changemakers Impact Generation 💡

SIAP SCALE will guide selected Changemakers to articulate their intended impact through Impact Management and Measurement Class. This stage will focus on evidencing outcome and (social) impact of impact-driven business and help them manage the resources to optimise their social mission.

Ready to scale your venture with us?🚀

Frequently asked questions

What makes us different?

Among available programs out there, our program thesis is your ventures' growth. We carefully designed a founder-focus approach that does not distract you from day-to-day operations and instead finds ways how we can help and add value. The graduates of our program will be granted opportunities to receive lifetime support by joining our venture building where we act as a venture partner providing mentorship, network support & work assistance to help you get things done.

Is it a paid accelerator program?

It is a free program where we want to provide tailored support for social changemakers that are committed to make social, economic, and environmental impact through their ventures.

How is the selection process carried out?

After filling out the form, we do not require a mandatory interview to proceed with your application. However, we might contact you through email to follow up some things so make sure you provide contact details for this purpose. If your team and venture have sparked our interest, we will invite you to our Product & Partnership Showcase where you will have the chance to pitch your product / service and partnership needs to scale in front of our City Connector and ecosystem key players. Promising ventures that gain interest from our network will receive hands-on tailored support to pursue the partnerships.

Can I apply with my co-founder?

Yes! SIAP SCALE welcomes co-founders who want to work together and accelerate their venture. However, only one application per business is necessary.


Can’t find what you’re looking for?
Reach out to Ryani or Irsan in the SIAP SCALE team!


Everyone who enters SIAP SCALE is a member of our tribe for life. We believe that the world needs scalable ventures with long-term sustainable impact to solve some of the country's most pressing economic and social issues. Whether you are selected or not, we will welcome you to join a network for purposeful people to build a more impactful world!🌏