Social Innovation Acceleration Program (SIAP) is a knowledge acceleration program for aspiring and early stage social entrepreneurs.

SIAP focuses on entrepreneurs with ideas and solution to create positive impact and drive change through business, and assists them to further grow their product. In the process, we provide entrepreneurs with mentorship, personal, team and business development, knowledge resources, as well as impact assessment methodology and community support.

Building a Sustainable Solution
Providing Network to Industry
Bootcamp Based Incubation

Develop your social enterprise with us! With the strong support from our mentors network & tailor made series of bootcamps for social entrepreneur.

1. Start With Why

How to figure out your individual purpose and transform it into a fuel of energy for social mission

by : Indri Mahadiraka
Cofounder & CEO of
11 August 2018 | 10.00-11.00

2. Founder & Product Vision

How to align founder’s vision with the social issues they are trying to solve through their business

by : Aria Widianto
VP Strategy & Partnership at Amartha
11 August 2018 | 11.00-12.00

3. Social Entrepreneurship 101

How to map the potential social issues to be solved and how to solve it through sustainable solution

by : Dessy Aliandrina
Executive Director at SociopreneurID
11 August 2018 | 13.00-16.00

4. Value Proposition

Understanding the value creation process and how to maximise the value captured for the stakeholder involved

by : Augustine Merriska
Program Director at PLUS
18 August 2018 | 09.00-12.00

5. Product Development

How to create a product development strategy and choosing the right technology to be implemented

by : Anatasof Wirapraja
Sr Product Manager at HaraToken
18 August 2018 | 13.00-16.00

6. Market Analysis

How to analyse the market potential through data gathering and market research

by : Dimas Pramudya
International Growth at GoJek
1 September 2018 | 09.00-12.00

7. Business Model Innovation

How to build and innovate a business model to ensure the business sustainability and optimise stakeholder values

by : Dondi Hananto
Partner at Patamar Capital
1 September 2018 | 13.00-16.00

8. Content Building Strategy

How to build a good content for your product & campaign through a compelling storytelling technique

by : Iqbal Hariadi
Marketing Manager at KitaBisa
8 Sept 2018 | 09.00-12.00

9. Go to Market Strategy

How to get your first community evangelist customer and how to get the right marketing mix for your market

by : Afifa Urfani
Chief Marketing at
8 Sept 2018 | 13.00-16.00

10. Sustainability Scheme

Understanding of how to design a business process to ensure sustainability while optimising social impact

by : Ari Sutanti
Sr Program Manager at British Council
15 September 2018 | 09.00-12.00

11. Impact Assessment & Metrics

How to asses and measure the impact from your social enterprise so you can optimise the impact to the community

by : Romy Cahyadi
Cofounder & CEO of Instellar
15 Sept 2018 | 13.00-16.00

12. Finance & Investment

Understanding the basic financial activities for startup and how to raise fund to investors

by : Aldi Adrian Hartanto
Head of Investment Mandiri Capital
22 Sept 2018 | 09.00-12.00

13. Best Practice of Pitching

How to build a standard pitch deck for potential customer, partner & investor and how to pitch it effectively

by : Adryan Hafizh
Cofounder & CEO of Kolaborasi
22 Sept 2018 | 13.00-16.00

14. Life as a Founder

Peer-sharing session on how to build a team operating system to optimise performance and increase productivity at work

by : Aldi Ulaan
Venture Builder at Kolaborasi
1 Sept 2018 | 16.00-18.00

15. Community Development

Peer-Sharing session about understanding the process designed to create a condition of economic and social progress for the whole community

by : William Hendradjaja
Partner at Impact Hub Jakarta
15 Sept 2018 | 16.00-18.00

Our goal is to become a launchpad for social enterprises and work with them to create long-term sustainable impact and solve some of the country's most pressing economic and social issues.

What will you get by joining our Bootcamp program?

You’ll have 12 workshops within 2.5 months to sharpen your skill and business!
You’ll get a discount price for coworking space for your team for two months!
You’ll get a discount price for domain & hosting for your website!
You’ll get tons of new mentor & partner to help you develop your business

Program Tuition Fee : Rp3.000.000

Want to join our program?

Our next batch will be open for August – September 2018

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