Take the first step to develop your impact

How many times has you think about starting your own social entrepreneur, and how much opportunity have you missed to actually build it? Put aside the doubt, because the start is closer than you think.

SPRINT Day is a 2 days intensive bootcamp, taking social entrepreneur to learn the steps of building business. Start by helping founders gather a deeper insight on the social issues, developing a hypothesis of solution, to generating a series of iterated prototype.

What will you do in Sprint Day?

1 : Understand and Define Our User

The first phase is to define and break down big challenges that seems unbearable to go through until we can define our customers type and their personas.

2 : Building User Journey

After we define our users, we create their journey on how they use their product. The goal is to find what are crucial pain points in their journey that needed to be tackled with our startup

3 : Sketching the Solution

From knowing the crucial pain points, we will start sketch the solutions by using the HMW (How Might We) approach, to turn pain points into possible solutions.

4 : Prototype Iteration

After several iteration, we will start build prototype to validate further on our target customers. We will learn the tools to create prototype efficiently even if we do it alone!

5 : Its Time to Test It Out!

The last part finally let our startup make the first step into reality! Now we will iterate our prototype into valid product by getting feedback from the users and mentors.

What will you get by joining our SPRINT Day?

Get past the painful starting process by having your own refined prototype and that ready to be developed into better product!
5 mentors with expertise on helping early stage with 3 sectors focus : education, agriculture, and health
Networks of social entrpreneurs and chance to join our incubation

Meet The Mentors

Adryan Hafizh - CEO of Kolaborasi.co

The helper of early-stage startup that make new founders turn their idea to reality. Kolaborasi have helped startup like crowde, saveyourselves and be part of the SIAP founding team

Aranggi Soemardjan - CEO of Clevio

Clevio is on of the pioneer on edutech startup in Indonesia. Since 2013,  they have support kids and moms to learn coding, they have worked with corporates and governments, like Axioo and BEKRAF

Yohanes Sugihtono - CEO of Crowde

One of rising agritech startup that have helped 10.000 farmers in 276 villages in Indonesia. Crowde recently raise more fund to scale their impact to reach 100.000 farmers.

Indri Mahadiraka - CEO of Saveyourselves

Save Yourselves have helped 2000+ people that severe mental issue that tend to suicide. They have proof themselves to keep on growing while helping people by becoming top 100 startup in echelon Asia Summit and winning best startup in health/lifestyle sector

Gigih Septianto - Cofounder of Wecare

Wecare as a crowdfunding platform that focus on medical issue have raised 5 Billion Rupiah and helped more than 400 patients accross Indonesia. They are one of the pioneer of healthtech startup in Indonesia and still growing to solve more health issue in Indonesia

Early Bird Starts From : Rp 1.000.000

Want to join our SPRINT Day?

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