Join our Jakarta Bootcamp Batch 4.0!
2 March - 4 May 2019

2.5 months, 10 session, build impactful business with amazing mentors and strong community of purpose drive founders! Every session will take place in Saturday from 10.00-16.30. Together we will dig deep on how to create impactful business. Whether you are an early stage startup or founder with an idea, this bootcamp will accommodate your appetite to grow and make more impact!

1. Start With Why

How to figure out your individual purpose and transform it into a fuel of energy for social mission

by : Indri Mahadiraka
Cofounder & CEO of
2 March 2019

2. Founder & Product Vision

How to align founder’s vision with the social issues they are trying to solve through their business

by : Gigih Septianto
Cofounder & CEO of
2 March 2019

3. Social Entrepreneurship 101

How to map the potential social issues to be solved and how to solve it through sustainable solution

by : Augustine Merriska & SIAP Team
Cofounder of ULab
2 March 2019

4. Validation & Prototyping

Get to know several validation & prototyping methodology to test out our hypothesis of problem & solution

by : Adryan Hafizh
Cofounder of
9-10 March 2019

5. Getting Customer Insight

How to understand customer insight and translate it into product iteration plan & strategy.

by : Anatasof Wirapraja
Sr Product Manager at HaraToken
9-10 March 2019

4. Developing Value Proposition

Understanding the value creation process and how to maximise the value captured for the stakeholder involved

by : Augustine Merriska
Cofounder of ULab
9-10 March 2019

7. Business Model Innovation

How to build and innovate a business model to ensure the business sustainability and optimise stakeholder values

by : Dondi Hananto
Partner at Patamar Capital
16 March 2019

8. Go to Market Strategy

How to get your first community evangelist customer and how to get the right marketing mix for your market

by : Vikra Ijas
Cofounder & CMO of
16 March 2019

9. Sustainability Scheme 1.

Understanding of how to design a business process to ensure sustainability while optimising social impact

by : David Soukhasing
Managing Director of ANGIN
23 March 2019

10. Sustainability Scheme 2.

Learn about how choose a sustainability scheme from bootstrapping, grant, and investment mode

by : Yohanes Sugihtono
Cofounder & CEO of
23 March 2019

11. Growth Planning

How to asses and measure the impact from your social enterprise so you can optimise the impact to the community

by : William Hendradjaja & SIAP Team
Cofounder of Impact Hub Jakarta
23 March 2019

12. Managing Work with OKR

Implementing Objective & Key Result to optimise team work productivity & strategy alignment

by : Rama Poerba
Head of HR of
30 March 2019

13. Impact Assesment

Learn about what is Impact Assessment, and get to know what Impact Metrics is suitable for your startup.

by : Jalal
Chairperson of Social Investment Indonesia
30 March 2019

14. How to Pitch Effectively

Learn about how to do story telling approach to pitch your startup to potential customer, partner, and investor.

by : Ghibran Huzaifah
Cofounder & CEO of eFishery
6 April 2019

15. How to Build a Pitch Deck

Learn about the structure, content, story, and designing your multi-purpose pitch deck.

by : Aghnia Banat & SIAP Team
Managing Director of SIAP
6 April 2019

What will you get by joining our Bootcamp program?

Turn your social idea into real impactful business! not just learning, this bootcamp will help you to launch/improve your own social enterprise
You’ll have 10 sessions within 2.5 months to sharpen your skill and business! Between each sessions, you will work on to progress your business together with facilitators.
You’ll get an everlasting community who are ready to help you on creating sustainable impactful business, even after the bootcamp is done/

Early Bird Price (until 31 January) : Rp3.000.000 

Normal Price : Rp3.500.000 

Build your social enterprise with us and learn from the best!